Early signs of pregnancy to delay

signs of pregnancy

Many women who are planning pregnancy, concerned about the issue of when and how it manifested early signs. This is a relevant issue not only for those who want to conceive a child, but also for women who fear an unwanted pregnancy. How do you know about the occurrence of an interesting position to delay menstruation? According to well-being at the earliest stages of pregnancy a woman, knowing your body, be sure to pay attention to changes in health. That is why a large category of expectant mothers before pregnancy test to know their interesting position: Malaise.

 With the onset of pregnancy, women are always reduced immunity. Therefore, there is a feeling of malaise, weakness, and fatigue nesobrannost. Sometimes a woman becomes sleepy and irritable. Possibly alternating sensations of heat and cold. Such a symptom associated with an increase in body temperature and decreasing pressure. Some pregnant women notice that their face turns red in the evening. 

Women are sometimes confused with the common cold is the state and believe that these are the first symptoms of influenza or acute respiratory disease. The main thing is not to catch just outside the medications that can harm the unborn child. Breast tenderness. The swelling of the nipple or breast pain are a common sign of pregnancy.

 Usually these symptoms occur within 1-2 weeks after conception. It happens in pregnant women, such that before the chest is simply impossible to touch because of the pain. More point to an interesting situation may darkening of the nipples and the skin around them.

 Heaviness in the pelvic area. With the onset of pregnancy and an increase in the uterus to the pelvic organs receive more blood. Therefore, some women feel this increase, and in some cases notice and tingling in the uterus. Sometimes these symptoms are added, and the appearance of hemorrhoids in early pregnancy. See also definition of pregnancy to delay How to determine early pregnancy The first signs of pregnancy to delay pregnancy test to delay basal body temperature early pregnancy By spotting With the onset of pregnancy, a woman may notice a small dingy red vaginal discharge. Their appearance is explained simply. This is the result of implantation (empathy) fertilized egg in the uterine endometrium wall.

 In other words - the attachment of the ovum, and is accompanied by a small injury of uterine epithelium. A small group of women accompanied by implantation bleeding, pregnant women and others at the same time does not have any selections. By basal temperature Many women who want to conceive a child, are graphs of basal body temperature (BT). Recall that the temperature is measured with a thermometer into the rectum, vagina or mouth.

 This should be done every day in the morning without getting out of bed. In the first half of the cycle, ie the first day of menstruation, BT will be held at the level of 36,7-36,9 degrees Celsius. During the period of ovulation (14 day cycle), it rises to 37-37,2 degrees Celsius. If the pregnancy is, the temperature is not reduced to its previous level, and is kept at around 37, and a little higher. This is another sign of pregnancy. Increased basal temperature of a pregnant woman would be another couple of weeks before the start of the placenta. At today's level of pharmacology test allows pregnant women to find out about changes in the body even before a missed period. This can be done with sensitive and ultrasensitive pregnancy tests. They "work" is already 5-7 days before the delay.

 Pregnancy tests are a sensitivity of 25 mMeml 20 mMeml 10 mMeml. You should know that in the early stages of pregnancy to her determination should buy the test with a sensitivity of 10 mMeml. That is a test that will react to a small amount of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. He appears in the body only when a woman's pregnancy, and at first the amount is small.

 But even at a low concentration of hCG test with high sensitivity react two strips. According to the analysis of blood pregnancy tests react to the presence of hCG in urine.

 A blood test for HCG is considered a more reliable indicator of a woman's pregnancy. Such an analysis can also be done before the onset of menstruation delay and ensure its interesting position.

 If you feel that you are pregnant, even before the delay menstruation, be careful with taking pharmaceutical drugs. Refrain from taking the traditional headache pills or other disorders. Remember that in the early stages of the impact of drugs and anxiety can interfere with fetal development.

Could be a month of pregnancy

In future mothers are always a lot of questions related to pregnancy. A pervorodki very often wonder whether it is possible menstruation with child-bearing. So, let's see if it can really be. Psevdomesyachnye as a sign of missed abortion First you need to remember the woman's physiology. If conception during ovulation did not take place at the end of the monthly cycle starts. This comes against the backdrop of the fall in hormone levels, especially the main female hormone estradiol.

month of pregnancy

 At this time, it exfoliates the endometrium of the uterus and begin bleeding from the vagina. If conception occurred, then the menstruation should not be in principle. When the test showed the presence of your pregnancy, you will feel it the first symptoms, and in the planned dates still start to go monthly or simply "botched", it can not be left without due attention. And the earlier you go to the gynecologist, the more will get a chance to save the child. Yes, unfortunately it is not always possible, because the miscarriage begins rapidly and ovum exfoliate quickly. Very often dirty red, meager allocation are a symptom of missed abortion, that is a signal that the embryos died. But this is not always the miscarriage. That is why the non-viable pregnancy women do cleaning. This is the practice in Russia and the CIS countries. But in the US, Europe, gynecologists used expectant management. They're waiting for the body's self-deliverance from the dead fetus. See also monthly during pregnancy Go whether monthly during pregnancy after childbirth When starting monthly vaginal bleeding during pregnancy Monthly pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy and monthly uncommon occurrence is a month against the backdrop of an ectopic pregnancy. This happens when the fertilized egg in the uterus is not being implemented as it should be in the normal pregnancy, and it is oral.

 The woman thinks that her period started, but in reality the body develops a pathological process. The worst complication of ectopic pregnancy is a rupture of the fallopian tube. That is why gynecologists insist on early diagnosis. After all, in most cases, doctors need surgery, but if the terms are small, there is a chance to do medical treatment. Sometimes ectopic pregnancies by themselves are not developing, then the doctor needs to close scrutiny. Erosion and monthly in pregnancy Many pregnant women are interested in the possibility of monthly period at the beginning of cervical erosion. Yes, small allocation is quite possible, but it is not menstruation!

 Please be aware that the erosion of our time, and successfully treated in pregnant women. But choosing the right tactics again necessary to consult with your doctor and delivery strokes. If erosion of the blood, the doctor prescribe treatment candles, anti-inflammatory therapy. Causes of bleeding during pregnancy women are interested in a position that can cause bleeding from the vagina.

 Sometimes it can be a gynecological examination. But do not worry about it. A small selection can appear after douching. It is also the cause of a dirty red vaginal discharge during pregnancy may be too active sexual intercourse. A "fault" in the thin wall of the vagina, which during pregnancy are much more susceptible to mechanical stress. Many women are aware of cases where pregnancy is asymptomatic in the background menstrual cycles. Such stories, according to doctors, is a rare exception, and more typical of the last century. Nowadays there are excellent opportunities for accurate and early diagnosis of pregnancy after 10-12 days after conception.

Therefore, expectant mothers need to carefully monitor themselves and at the first signs of pathologies, bleeding from the vagina immediately contact the attending physician.

Symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy

The first signs of pregnancy after a delay

signs of pregnancy

"Maybe I'm pregnant?" - The most frequent question that asks a woman who delayed menstruation. The absence of menstruation is not the only sign by which determine the pregnancy. Very often, in the first days after the delay women feel "like something is wrong, as usual." In the morning, a feeling of weakness ... The smell of coffee annoying ... At work too lazy ... Anyway - the nature of something spoiled.

 If your case is the case, then it is likely that your family expected completion. But let's still more time to analyze what symptoms after a delay of monthly character for the pregnancy? Major signs of pregnancy after the delay is important to note that the most accurate pregnancy symptoms usually provyalyatsya after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, to say that some changes in the body to delay monthly indicative of future offspring - is very difficult. However, if you in the past six months periods were regular, and suddenly disappeared, and even the day before had unprotected sex, we recommend you pay attention to the following signs. Probable signs of pregnancy: the absence of menstruation; morning or evening sickness that manifests itself during the first few months after conception; frequent urination, which manifests itself, beginning with the fifth week after conception; breast tenderness, hypersensitivity nipple darkening of the areola, which appear in the first months after the delay.

 It is very probable signs of pregnancy after a delay: back pain, especially in the lower abdomen, which are characteristic for the first trimester of pregnancy; hypersomnia and fatigue; irritability, tearfulness; changes in food preferences. Read also the first signs of pregnancy after conception The first signs of pregnancy to delay signs of pregnancy to delay monthly Early signs of pregnancy to delay signs of pregnancy after IVF reliable sign of pregnancy after a delay: an increase in the size of the uterine cervix is ​​closed, which is determined by physical examination; the appearance of age spots on the face or a dark line in the middle of the abdomen; increased appetite. All these symptoms can occur in different combinations and in varying degrees of "severity." However, these symptoms may indicate the presence and hormonal failure, and untreated diseases, and even as a reaction to take medication. That is why, before you draw conclusions, make sure that the presence of, for example, weakness, nausea and elevated temperatures is not a sign of food poisoning or colds. After all, the nature of pregnancy is that not all women manage to "solve" the state of pregnancy at the earliest timing "interesting" position. Very often, future mom for several months may not be aware that she is pregnant.

 Therefore, in order to dispel doubts and to determine its "interesting" situation, we still recommend that you use a more accurate method of determining pregnancy. If you checked one or more of the above symptoms, however, are still in doubt of pregnancy, refer to such methods of determining the pregnancy, such as: inspection in the gynecological chair; pregnancy test; Analysis of urine and blood; US. Thus, we came to the conclusion that some of the identified physical signs of pregnancy after a delay can indicate both the presence of pregnancy, as well as about its absence. Well, to get more accurate information, all the symptoms will have to confirm a pregnancy test or physical examination. In any case, we wish you the results you happy!

Symptoms of pregnancy to delay

Women planning pregnancy, always with a focus monitor the reaction of the organism after another attempt to conceive a child during the period of ovulation.

 And it is understandable: with the responsibility of going to the preparation for pregnancy, observing all the rules and conditions for successful conception, when done in the ovulatory period of work in any of the following potential mothers with trepidation wondering : Are all crowned with a hard-won victory? Women planning pregnancy, always with a focus monitor the reaction of the organism after another attempt to conceive a child during the period of ovulation.

 And it is understandable: with the responsibility of going to the preparation for pregnancy, observing all the rules and conditions for successful conception, when done in the ovulatory period of work in any of the following potential mothers with trepidation wondering: Are all crowned with a hard-won victory? Specialists in their beliefs about the diagnosis of pregnancy are clear: with absolute certainty, whether the works were crowned on the creation of a new life is possible only after a delay of a positive pregnancy test and physical examination of women involving diagnostic ultrasound.

 But two weeks after ovulation to wait, will you felt the delay, pending the completion of so many couples in the family is almost can not do. 

And it begins to future mom with a special predilection to listen to your body and keep track of any changes in its usual processes, trying to determine - whether to rely on the successful outcome of attempts to become a mother? There was there a cherished time X, require women adjustments of a normal way of life and now special attention to their own health and the state? Identify the pregnancy with an unambiguous verdict will be except that the passage of time: even assuming that the egg has been fertilized, it takes time for its successful consolidation in the uterus, followed by rapid development.

 And so, too, all possible symptoms of early pregnancy after conception experts called indirect: that is, they may indicate a really existing pregnancy, and may be commonplace signs of impending menstruation, when conceiving this time got a bobble.

 Whatever it was, to know what the symptoms of pregnancy to delay indicate a high percentage of the accomplished happiness, of course, will not be superfluous.

 Wise people do not knowingly have long been identified: aware - means armed.

 Therefore, we do not disregard any of the symptoms that may indicate a possible accomplishment of the miracle.

 Certainly - without fanaticism and any special expectations (in fact, these symptoms may be just something to prevent pregnancy, accompanying PMS), but in a state of permanent readiness that in the near future of hope in the providence of the same are confirmed. Symptoms of pregnancy to delay: what to look for? Symptoms of pregnancy to delay if occur, it is explained by the action of a particular hormone progesterone.

 It is this hormone begins to actively produced in a woman's body after pregnancy, was responsible for its preservation and further successful development. Under the influence of progesterone status and well-being of women can vary somewhat in the first few days after the fact of conception. 

And indicates possible pregnancy signs are as follows: See also swelling and breast tenderness. From the first days of pregnancy the breasts begin to gradually prepare for the upcoming future of lactation. Increased breast expected associated with the action of the hormone progesterone, some women feel only a breast swelling, someone has breast augmentation is accompanied by increased sensitivity and pain in this area of ​​the body. Against the background of the ensuing pregnancy is also possible developments regarding the nipples: they are slightly larger in diameter. 

If breast changes associated with pregnancy is really, in the near time, nipples, among other things, also darken, and on his chest, quite possibly, will be characteristic for pregnancy vascular mesh; increased basal temperature. Increased basal body temperature occurs after ovulation: in this period the temperature charts record performance in 37,0-37,3 degrees. If the work on the creation of a new life has slipped well, basal temperature is locked on the mentioned marks for the first few weeks. 

Elevated temperatures in this case as explained the influence of progesterone; pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. Aching abdominal cramps, and possibly in the lumbar region - another indirect sign pointing to the pregnancy. According to the schedule was about to occur monthly, the body is ready for the next scheduled rejection unfertilized egg, and that responds to the characteristic pain. Despite the fact that the egg has, in principle, fertilized, and either moves or is attached or already fixed in the wall of the uterus; bloody spotting from the genital tract.

 By the way, the process of securing the egg in the uterus may be accompanied by the appearance on the expectant mother panties spotting traces of blood. In this case, we are talking about Implantation bleeding, which manifests itself in the form of scarce pinkish or brownish vaginal discharge on a background of weakness and discomfort in the abdomen. Such a situation may occur about 6-7 days after conception; a change of mental and emotional background. Fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, mood swings, uncharacteristic moodiness woman - all these symptoms may well indicate Accomplished conception. The reason for the change in the general condition and psycho-emotional oscillation becomes hormonal changes that accompanies pregnancy; changing tastes and smell. 

On the smells and taste of women, as a rule, begin to respond later, closer to the end of the first month of pregnancy. Though, of course, in some cases, these symptoms are felt almost in the first few days after conception. At least some of the mothers held to hear stories about how long before a positive pregnancy test, they felt the onset of this most unexpected pregnancy and the changing tastes of the sharp reactions to certain scents; dizziness and headaches.

 Sudden headaches (up to migraines), dizziness, darkening of the eyes, the pressure on the temples or back of the head - all of these symptoms can also indicate the presence of pregnancy at the earliest its terms. And, as expected, they explain such unpleasant symptoms of hormonal changes in the body; increased urination. Another possible symptom of early pregnancy - increased need for going to the toilet on the small. Progesterone is already actively influences the muscle tissue and internal organs as well. Blood supply, micro- and macro blood in the urogenital organs is already happening, and this is associated with a possible increased frequency of urination before the delay menstruation; metallic taste in the mouth, excessive salivation. The feeling of metallic taste in the mouth in the first weeks of pregnancy does not confirm a woman of the people who have already successfully raise a child.

 Yet some of them talk about how suddenly found that his mouth is filled with saliva in large quantities and much quicker than usual, and then a few days later, they found out about the available pregnancy, which, in fact, and has been linked this situation; binders whitish discharge. Thick, whitish discharge from the shade of the genital tract - another result of effects on the body of the hormone progesterone. Such selection appear in the period of ovulation, but if in the absence of conception over time they change, in the presence of pregnancy whitish discharge density and retain.

Tests during pregnancy - coagulation: what and when?

Expectant mothers have the same name, "coagulation" plunges into horror. In fact it is just another blood test, required during pregnancy. What he says, how often it should take and how to decipher the results?

Tests during pregnancy - coagulation: what and when?

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What it is?

The work of the circulatory system - perhaps the most important indicator of health. During pregnancy, it requires greater attention. Coagulation disorders reveals hemostasis - a system that responds to our body of liquid blood in normal and blood clotting to stop bleeding. If hemostasis lowered, large blood loss in humans even from minor cuts. Too high (hypercoagulation) leads to thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes.

According to doctors, the risk of either anomaly that in everyday life, they can not detect in any way itself. But during surgery or childbirth threatens the development of a critical situation.

The system of hemostasis expectant mother is undergoing some changes. Therefore coagulation before pregnancy and during different. Nature provides such a natural adjustment. In the process of carrying a child in a woman's body there is a third circulation, which is called the utero-placental. It is prepared and the increase in the amount of circulating blood. This is important in part because of the inevitable loss of blood during childbirth.

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When and how

Usually coagulation is carried out every trimester. Sometimes more often. This need arises for varicose veins, hepatic, cardiovascular and immune diseases, before or after surgery.

Those at risk include pregnant women, and with a negative Rh factor. In this case, during gestation the immune system fights its own antibodies, as perceives them as foreign.

If a woman is predisposed to increased blood clotting or coagulation first showed abnormalities, the study will have to be repeated periodically. Blood is taken from a vein. Before analysis can not be there for eight hours.

If it turns out that the patient impaired clotting, but it was not detected in time, a high risk of miscarriage or premature birth and even brain damage in the fetus.

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Explanation of results

Remember that only a doctor should decrypt all the test results, as many of them can be changed in one direction or the other. For example, if a woman has a chronic illness, some data sometimes do not meet the norm, with pregnancies safely.

Coagulation involves eight main indicators. As it is possible to detect even small deviations.

Fibrinogen - a protein that is a major part of a blood clot in the clotting. Normal - 2-4 g / l. Pregnant - up to 6 g / l. He says raising the propensity to thrombosis. The decrease can be observed in the toxicosis. Because of utero-placental circulation fibrinogen level is increasing every month of pregnancy and reaches its maximum at the time of delivery.

APTT - activated partial thromboplastin time. This is the amount for which the blood is minimized. In a healthy person, it stops for 24-35 seconds. In pregnant women because of the increased fibrinogen this interval is reduced to 17-20 seconds.

Thrombin time called the duration of the last phase of blood coagulation. Normally it is 11-18 seconds. Since the number of pregnant fibrinogen in blood higher thrombin time more. Deviations may indicate a malfunction of the liver.

Tests during pregnancy - coagulation: what and when?

Prothrombin - a protein in blood plasma, the precursor of thrombin is involved in the formation of clots. Its concentration determines the density of the blood and its ability to timely clotting. Optimally - 78-142%. Increasing this factor in pregnancy - one of the symptoms of placental abruption.

Platelets - blood elements which are produced in the bone marrow. During pregnancy, they may experience a slight decrease. But if the figure is significantly lower than the norm, it is a sign of the disease. Platelet deficiency due to malnutrition in pregnant or developing DIC - the defeat of the hemostatic system.

D-dimer is responsible for the process of thrombosis. The indicator is important for timely diagnosis of thrombosis. In pregnant women, it should gradually rise. But the rapid jump indicates the presence of diabetes, preeclampsia, kidney disease.

Antithrombin III - a protein that can slow blood clotting. If the expectant mother takes drugs aimed at its reduction, its level will have to constantly monitor. When the deviation is 50%, it is possible the development of thrombosis.

Group-specific antibodies - indicates the presence of lupus anticoagulant. Normally they should not be. If, however, they found, the physician should rule out autoimmune diseases and rhesus conflict. The presence of antibodies in the blood can talk about preeclampsia - a pathology in which the condition of the mother and child is getting worse.

1 week of pregnancy

1 week of pregnancy - a wonderful and exciting time in the mind of the expectant mother still swarm hundreds of questions, assumptions and doubts, but inside there is a serious work on the birth of a new life, which she perhaps did not even know about.

2 weeks of pregnancy
Agree, not every one of us to learn that she was pregnant soon, and besides there is a difference between the two-week obstetric and fetal period of gestation. What is commonly understood by one week of pregnancy and how to be in this moment to behave expectant mother?

1 week of pregnancy: What do you think timeframe?

In modern obstetrics gynecologist count pregnancy begins with the first day of the last menstrual period. Strange, you say, but after that day I have not been pregnant, then why experts expect so strange term? Absolutely, this embodiment reference has been adopted as a basis because to accurately determine the date of conception, or at least the date of ovulation - a very difficult, because it is a factor completely individual.

Of course, if you rely on obstetric pregnancy period, the first week is no baby inside is still there, but this time in a woman's body matures and prepares for a fertilized egg. The unique process of ovulation occurs during each menstrual cycle due to the increase in concentration of progesterone and the fact that the egg is released from the ovary into the abdominal cavity and then into the fallopian tube, where during the day is expected to fertilization. On this day the most chance of becoming pregnant is great.

On average cycle time of 28 days ovulation occurs on the 14th day, and if fertilization has occurred on this day, it is from this point counted real term pregnancy - fetal, when in the process of connection of male and female cells there is a new man.

1 week beremennostiBosyak Yulia V., an obstetrician-gynecologist, a reproductive clinic human reproduction "Alternative" says: "The birth of a new life - the most important stage, the starting point. If the couple is planning a pregnancy, the period of ovulation lives open sexuality. Sperm cells are active in the genital tract of women up to 72 hours, ie, 3 days. It was during these auspicious days a woman has the chance of becoming pregnant. There are several methods for tracking ovulation (ovulation tests, special tools and the like), but the most effective way is follikulometriya (tracking of a dominant follicle growth and ovulation passage using ultrasound). "

That is why the difference between obstetric and fetal gestational age is two weeks: it all depends on what is taken as a starting point. If obstetric period of 1 week of pregnancy starts from the first day of last menstrual period ensuing, the term fetal pregnancy is counted from the day of conception directly.

Signs of pregnancy for 1 week

Due to the fact that the vast majority of obstetricians count pregnancy on obstetric deadline is the first week of even the expectant mother is not sure that her egg is fertilized. Therefore common pregnancy symptoms are also absent: no nausea, discharge, odor intolerance and swelling of the breast is not felt.

Pregnancy test on the first week of pregnancy will also show a negative result, it makes it possible that the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that the female body begins to vigorously develop just when the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus is not elevated.

1 week of pregnancy

HCG level rises every day of pregnancy, for example, by the fifth day it ranges from 25 to 50 mIU / ml., 4 th week of pregnancy its level is already about 3,000 mIU / ml. and higher. Based on these data, a pregnancy test may show pale second strip only at 12-14 days after fertilization.

1 week of pregnancy: What the expectant mother

If you wish to become a mother was completely conscious, and you were preparing الحمل for this event, having passed all the necessary medical examinations and research and making in their lives all the necessary adjustments, the only thing that can advise you, listen to your intuition and follow health.

1 week of pregnancy

If the question of pregnancy is possible, I caught you off guard, then try to slightly change his life, observing some rules in the first week of pregnancy:

Avoid smoking, alcohol and various medications without the approval of a physician. This is a question that is not being discussed by your decision and will power depends on the life and health of the unborn baby.

Try to take care of yourself and your health, avoid overvoltage, do not associate with people who are sick not to be infected. A viral disease in the early weeks of pregnancy may be held for a sad consequences, so if you can not stay in areas with large concentrations of people - it should use.

Avoid stressful situations at home and at work, do not get angry, swear, nervous, solve all conflicts peacefully as possible. Now is not the time for a showdown, your motto should be Carlson's favorite phrase: "Calm, just calm!"

1 week of pregnancy

Take care of proper nutrition during pregnancy, rich in vitamins and minerals, calcium and folic acid, which help the normal development of the fetus, and the required amount of selenium prevent spinal cord defects. Limit intake spicy, sour, salty, smoked and canned, pay attention to eat spinach, broccoli and oatmeal, are also useful nuts, dried fruit.

More walk, spend time outdoors, looking for harmony in nature and not in a stuffy office. Walking through the park with your loved ones - a great alternative to noisy discos and crowded bars. If your life is in a very intense rhythm - revise your schedule, take time for yourself.

Dear future mothers, you might actually have to change the habitual way of life, but we want to draw your attention to the fact that we should not think that you're doing it just for the sake of the child. All of the above principles - simple rules of a man who wants to be healthy, there is nothing complicated. Certainly, harmonious and organic behavior of mothers during pregnancy is the most positive impact on the future baby, but much more benefit it will bring, if these principles become your beliefs, you follow them with joy and pleasure to always look beautiful and cheerful.

1 week of pregnancy

And although at the moment, "half" of your baby - it's one of 300 000 eggs, and the second "half" for 14 days will be formed in the mature sperm is now the best time to start taking care of yourself and your future baby.

We wish you as soon as possible to see two stripes to the test and are happy to inform relatives that your home will soon be on a little man more!

1 week of pregnancy

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Pregnant and doctor: 4 types of relationships. What is right for you?

Monitoring of pregnancy in the antenatal clinic or private practice: how to choose a doctor?

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Technical model of relations
Sacred relationship model
Collegiate model
Contract Model
In the life of every woman expecting a baby, there is one important person - her doctor. What options are possible relationship with the doctor, what to expect from your doctor or that type - the story of this will help to avoid resentment and frustration that are possible when dealing with a doctor.
Pregnant and doctor: 4 types of relationships. What is right for you?

Register at the antenatal clinic or coming into commercial clinic, a woman falls into a dual situation: on the one hand, everything suggests that pregnancy - is the natural state of the body. On the other, crossing the threshold of the medical establishment, it automatically becomes a patient. And we are accustomed to the fact that patients from something so treated. And from what and how - it is better to know doctors.

R.Vich American psychologist, a specialist in bioethics, described four basic models of interaction doctor-patient. Each of them has its pros and cons.

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Technical model of relations

This attitude is often seen by doctors "born in the USSR," and doctors scientists. For them, the patient - a faulty mechanism that needs fixing. They know best what needs to be done with the body to function according to the rules.

How will the fellowship? If you get to this doctor, be prepared for the fact that he is unlikely to be discussed with your psychological problems. Hearing your complaint about a bad mood, he would miss her a deaf ear or prescribe vitamins. You will receive the necessary medical care, but if you want to talk - look for another specialist.

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Sacred relationship model

This model of the relationship in which the doctor knows everything better than you. The model is based on the principle of "parent - child". And for the physician-parent main task - to the patient did what the doctor himself said is true and correct. For this the doctor can use the remark and pressure even if the view does not match women with its position.

How will the fellowship? Be prepared that will take care of you, but your attempt to do any of his own cause disapproval of the doctor. In order to achieve the implementation of its recommendations, a doctor often uses praise on the one hand, and appeals to a sense of guilt and shame - on the other. If you are ready to fully recognize the authority of the doctor - well, you'll probably be comfortable with him. If not, and you do not want to listen quietly exhortation "Well what are you, the expectant mother, and do not understand ..." - you need another doctor.

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Collegiate model

Such doctors offer friendship and work together on one purpose - birth of a happy baby. Communicate with them often easy.

How will the fellowship? As in the case of sacred model, with a doctor you will be comfortable when your values, approaches to pregnancy and childbirth are the same. Doctors who adhere to the principle of collegial relationships, look optimistic. They often say: "Everything will be fine ... the main thing - do not worry ..." But they are unlikely to pay attention to your doubts, fears, and other emotions, is not relevant. So look, with whom to share these feelings beyond the medical office.

Pregnant and doctor: 4 types of relationships. What is right for you?

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Contract Model

The doctor and the patient at the first meeting agree on the tasks that they have to decide, and, most importantly, about who and what is responsible. For whatever good specialist doctor, but in complex situations, the final decision should take all the same woman. This - her life, her body and her unborn child.

How will the fellowship? The main advantage of such a relationship - respect for the opinions and decisions of the patient. The doctor will not require you to do just as he wants. In a relationship with a doctor you are standing on the same step. Yes, he knows more about the medical aspects of pregnancy, but the consequences of any decision made - from the reception of certain tablets to answer the question of whether or not to do a cesarean section - will live for you.

Under Russian law, once the patient has the right to decide how and what he can do with his body and health. This means that the expectant mother has the right to disagree with the opinion of your doctor.
The above scenario relationship with the doctor is rarely found in its pure form - one option could complement each addition, with the development of relations with the doctor may change from one model to another. Here, much will depend on the future of the mother.

Before you choose a doctor, decide what you expect from communicating with him - only to medical care, or even psychological contact? Are you ready to take responsibility for making decisions for themselves or want to see the doctor took care of you completely and decides what and how do you do? That is, first define your preferences. Be sure to tell your doctor about your wishes, so you can more easily find a common language. When choosing a specialist, you will feel that you are comfortable with it, then you've found your doctor.

When choosing a doctor, remember - there is no perfect solutions, and your own sense of inner peace in communicating is more important than the existence of the title of doctor of the candidate of medical sciences or advice girlfriends.
Very often in public hospitals pregnant woman "attached" to a particular doctor. Today, according to the law, if the patient is not satisfied with the doctor - you can change it to another specialist, you have the option to choose "your doctor" is always there. And even then the doctor when dealing not meet the expectations of the future mother, should not get upset. After the doctor - it is first and foremost a professional, and therefore medical care he will always, regardless of your relationship with him.

If in addition to medical care expectant mother is also needed psychological support, it can be obtained from loved ones (friends and relatives), on Internet forums and courses for expectant mothers. Then talk with your doctor will be much easier.